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コロッケ (Korroke) photo and recipe

コロッケ (Korroke) recipe by Akiko, Meg, and Chris:

Photo taken with a Leica M8, and Summilux 75/1.4 @ f2.

When I was in Japan, these were usually flat and oval, like McDonalds has browns. But here they are often made round, but with similar ingredients.

For the sauce, I like hot Spiracha red sauce, but ketchup, and Honey BBQ sauce are good too.


About 6 medium-sized potatoes
½ cup finely chopped onion
¾ cup Morning Star Meal Starter
½ cup green peas
½ cup corn
Salt & Pepper; just a little
3 cups bread crumbs
2 eggs plus some egg beater
1 cup flour
Barbecue sauce, ketchup, or Spiracha hot sauce

Serves 3-4


1. Wash the potatoes & put them in a pot with lots of water. Cook until the potatoes are soft enough to mash. About 30 min.
2. Drain & peel the skin off the potatoes. Mash the potatoes very well until completely smooth.
3. If you want, add a little salt & pepper.
4. While the potatoes are cooking, chop the onions & fry them with the meal starter.
5. In a large mixing bowl, mix the potatoes, onions, meal starter, green peas, & corn very well.
6. Roll the コロッケ into small golf-ball sized balls & smooth all the cracks.
7. Put the flour, egg (well whisked), and bread crumbs into 3 separate bowls.
8. Dip/cover the potatoes in flour, then dip them in the egg & completely cover them, then cover the potatoes with bread crumbs.
9. Deep fry the potatoes in Canola oil until the potato is light brown.
10. Remove excess oil, and serve them hot, with appropriate sauces.

The potatoes need to be mashed very well, without any chunks.
You can change what vegetables are put into the potato, but it has to be small. Don’t put in too many ingredients, or it will break when they’re fried.
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first time that I've seen the round ones. They look great.
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