Saturday, June 16, 2007


wild mountain goats

These are wild mountain goats that were spotted along the Oregon/Washington border along the Columbia River. They were pretty far off, maybe 1/4 mile from the highway on a steep hillside. I was able to spot them, along with a couple of other cars who pulled off to the side to take a look. There was actually a 5th one in the group, but pretty far to the right of these 4. Was taken with Lumix FZ3, 1/400, f4, iso 80, fl ~400mm 35mm equiv. with image stab. on, 'i'm feeling lucky' pressed and cropped in picasa.
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Rusty in color

Another one of Rusty taking a nap. Taken with the long zoom of the Lumix FZ3, 1/320s/f2.8/iso 80.
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Lake Shastina from a bridge

This was taken while driving over a bridge near Lake Shastina just past sunset. The spots are probably dirt on the passenger side window, which remind me of spots from negatives that come back from Longs. Taken with fuji f30, 1/420, f3.7, iso 1600, fl 66mm 35mm equiv.
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This is "Rusty", our favorite cat down the street, who always gets up and comes to the sidewalk to greet us. Taken with the fuji f30 b/w mode, 1/34, f4.3, iso 3200, fl 85mm 35mm equiv.
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


narrow DOF macro flower photo

It's difficult to capture narrow depth of field photos with small sensor p&s digicam's, but this one taken with the fuji f30 in macro mode shows some nice blur of the background. The photo was taken near dusk with the following settings: 1/60, f3.7, iso 800, 66mm focal length 35mm equiv.
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Saturday, June 02, 2007


window in a dark room

the room wasn't quite this dark, ev comp of -2 on the fuji f30 was used. 1/800, f8, iso 1600.
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