Sunday, November 02, 2008


deer in fall

We were out walking and I was taking photos of leaves and trees, while a neighbor pointed out some deer across the street. I only had my 3x zoom Fuji F30 with me, but got some great photos of the deer (there were 3 or 4), as well as some fall trees and leaves. This photo was taken at 1/120, f5, ISO 200, and 35mm fl equivalent of 113mm.
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Ted, i really like this shot... and you got me starting to get GAS for those Fuji digicams :).

Thanks Warren! yeah, I never expected to be using the F30 this long, and on top of that seeing its used value appreciate!
Thanks Warren! The Fuji F30 is great for afternoon walks - the ISO turns up nicely as it gets dark. Though with this photo, I wish I had a longer lens!
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