Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Seesmicers seen at mashable monthly!

L to R in the photo are Nicole Nicolay, of Effektive Solutions, whose blog is here, Derek Overby of Roost, with blog here, and Sukhjit Ghag whose new endeavour will be here.

The sponsoring companies for this event included which lets you easily aggregate files (photos, music, etc.) which you may have interspersed across multiple social networking sites., is an online community for those where those with specific categories of health issues can discuss these issues with others with the same conditions.

O.C. based ( - click on widgets), lets you aggregate blog comments wherever they end up with a 2-way gateway solution. is People Powered Discovery which lets you find and share various media, even across different sites.

For more details on the event, check out Andrew Mager's live post here.

Photo was taken with a Fuji F30, 1/60th, f2.8, ISO 400 with flash.
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