Sunday, June 08, 2008


3 Deer across the street

The deer have been hanging out across the street more often than anytime we can recall in the past several years. This photo is from late April, and the few days before this photo was taken, I had been trying to take photos of them with my RD1s rangefinder with 50mm lens (75mm 35mm equivalent), and not getting close enough.

So on this day, I grabbed my daughters Canon A550 which has a 4x optical zoom (about 140mm 35mm equivalent), and quietly tried to get close. They usually come in groups from about 4 to 8, but sometimes we've seen just a lone one being very brave and proud.

For this exposure from the Canon A550, f5.5, 1/160, ISO 80 was used, and it was cropped a bit to get just these 3 staring at the camera.
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