Saturday, November 24, 2007


hexar af sharp lens!

This was taken with the super silent Hexar AF film camera which has one of the best 35/2 lenses I've come across with exceptional sharpness wide open. Unfortunately, this lens is not available as a separate lens, only as the permanent lens on the Hexar AF. The Hexar AF uses an advanced IR auto focus mechanism, which will revert to the hyperfocal distance if it can't resolve the returned IR signal.

This photo was taken in Aperture priority mode, at F2, indoors, handheld with expired Fuji Realia 100 film. The shutter must have been 1/15th or so, but is a quiet stepless electronic shutter.

No edits were made to the photo at all except for a slight crop (about 1/4 of the top section). The meter which measures about 12% of the photo area in P and A modes, and 5% spot in manual mode is extremely accurate, possibly more accurate than my Leica M6 meter - where none of the images on this roll needed any post processing exposure correction.
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Thanks for posting the Hexar pic. It really does show how sharp the lens is and how nice the bokeh is, too. I've been after one of these for a couple of months but keep faling short of the prices they're now going for on Ebay. It looks like I'll just have to bite the bullet, empty the piggy bank and get the finger out.

I shoot quite a lot of film (here's my blog: and this camera would do me very nicely for about 75% of what I do.

I've just discovered your blog and will now have a good look around!

Bruce Robbins
Hi Bruce, Thanks for posting. I've read your blog in the past, I had an *ist DL2 for a year or so with the kit lens, and various old K and M42 primes.

This is my second Hexar AF. The first one I had took great photos, but the buttons were sticky, and support for these was discontinued. Fortunately, it seems they made a lot of them in various different models (date backs, silver, classic, etc.).
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