Sunday, October 14, 2007


Zorki 4K with 50mm Jupiter 8 lens

This was taken a few days ago in the first heavy rains of fall with Fuji 400 film, and cropped slightly, and converted from color to b&w in Picasa. The camera was a Zorki 4K which has a huge clear life-size viewfinder, with built in diopter adjustment, and the Leica Screw Mount Jupter 8 50mm lens that usually came with this camera kit.

Unfortunately, this camera only has framelines for 50mm lenses, so using any other focal length requires guessing or using an external viewfinder in the hot shoe. On my M mount cameras I usually use the Hexanon 50mm, although I do have an adapter to use this fast sharp f2 lens on an M body. The J8 also uses the same filter and hood diameter as the Rokkor 40/2 lenses (40.5mm) which is convenient. I think I paid less than $100 for both the Zorki 4K, and the Jupiter 8 lens combination a couple of years ago. Quite a bargain, compared to German and Japanese stuff from the same era - I think late '70s, or early '80s.
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