Tuesday, September 11, 2007


camera bag reviews

This bag just fits a Leica M body, along with some room in the corners for a roll of film, and the 35/2 summicron asph hood (detached). The fit would be much smoother with a pre-asph cron, or Rokkor 40. The build quality is typical for an inexpensive bag - the loops for the stitched on adjustable strap are plastic, and the zipper, dual zippers for the top compartment, don't seem heavy duty, but there is minimal padding on all sides, and the included velco dividers prevent the camera and lens from getting scratched from any other accessories in the pouch. This bag was purchased at Longs for about $14, the generic name tag says "mobile+life" with icons of a digicam, mp3 player, cell phone, and handheld PDA on a black and grey card. This bag is a nice padded carrier for the M inside a larger backpack or travel case.
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