Saturday, June 16, 2007


wild mountain goats

These are wild mountain goats that were spotted along the Oregon/Washington border along the Columbia River. They were pretty far off, maybe 1/4 mile from the highway on a steep hillside. I was able to spot them, along with a couple of other cars who pulled off to the side to take a look. There was actually a 5th one in the group, but pretty far to the right of these 4. Was taken with Lumix FZ3, 1/400, f4, iso 80, fl ~400mm 35mm equiv. with image stab. on, 'i'm feeling lucky' pressed and cropped in picasa.
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Great pic! That's so cool :) I've never seen wild mountain goats!
good framing but needs some zoom in !
maybe crop makes it better.
but nice shot
I could be wrong, but they look like big horn sheep.

Nice pic.
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