Friday, January 26, 2007


thick fog

thick fog from yesterday morning's photos where the deer tracks were. Taken with the R-D1 and CV 28/3.5 at 1/90th second, ISO 200. Note the vignetting of the 28mm on R-1D, which can probably be corrected in PS, but it seems to add to the effect nicely in some of these photos. Posted by Picasa

Are your little ones out there with cameras too? lol -- cute!! :) They look so entertained out there together.

Is that in the morning? With fog it's so hard to tell. heh.

Great pic Ted -- I like the varying depths and sizes of trees in the background. Surrounded by the fog it's really pretty. And with the kids in there looking around in their own world, capturing the scene as they see it, it's seems it must be a magical place :)
Thanks Lea, yes, we've been "spelunking" around this place with the cameras, taking photos of deer, dog, and cat tracks.

We used to also hang out there in the summer, but once a neighbor warned us about ticks, so last summer we stayed on the streets or park trails.

Somewhere I have Hi8 or miniDV and *maybe* some photos of families of deer here, but we and our neighbors haven't seen them for a couple of years.
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