Monday, November 13, 2006


cropped interior

Hexar RF, soft focus in picasa. Posted by Picasa


There is something so very cathartic about the whole scene.

What is in focus, what is not. We read frustration on the wall. We see a coloured mess of appliance scraps in the front.

It's like the daylight is trying to bring this place a new feel to it but there is just this wasted, uncontrollable, distorted feel in the air that not even daylight can save you here.

It's really strong.
Thanks Lea, I like it a lot as well. Every time I look at it, I wonder who was there, and how long it's been like that, how old were the people who hung out there, who owns it? who would have thought to have brought spray paint there? What goes on there?
Yeah, I'm sure there is a great movie sitting in the history of that room. But we will never know. You have really captured that feeling too -- there's much to tell, but nobody to do it. This picture is even better looking at it again. I'm really impressed :)
Thanks again Lea, if you would like, and have a big email acct., I'd be happy to send you the biggest file Picasa can output for you to print or view wherever you like!
Yeah! Send it to my email at my blogger profile:

Thanks Ted :)
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